I was thinking maybe the reason Miles gets angry is because he isn't smoking weed or drinking anymore and maybe he needs a rehab situation that would be a good plot. What do you think (Please no Matlingworth hate on this)

That sounds interesting, that could happen. But I personally think Miles is just really emotionally unstable right now. Degrassi likes to wrap up storylines all tidy with a nice bow on top but it doesn’t work that way. Just because they brushed it aside as Miles being the one who messes up by defying his dad is the problem doesn’t mean it actually IS. From the the very first episode of season 13 we found out his dad was abusive and then there were hints of it along the season which implies he’s been grating on Miles for a very long time which can cause a lot of damage but instead of exploring it they use it as a cheap cop out to end Matlingsworth and make Zig look more appealing(gags). Also having his dad cheat and Miles being pissed about it instead of showing how his dad treating him like shit and abusing him still pisses me off.

The reason why Miles went off the ‘deep end’ tonight has everything to do with the fact of his unstable emotions. Maya is important to him. Really important to him and being in such a toxic household finding some sustenance in someone else can make you very emotionally attached. He didn’t want to lose Maya to a guy who has been going after his girlfriend and constantly being a dick about it. So then finding out this said guy is harassing you and your girlfriend of course you’re gonna fight back. And especially with Miles already being emotionally unstable he snaps in a very dangerous and frightening way. 

Right now I believe him and Maya do need some time apart because they’re both dealing with a lot and hopefully they can come back together eventually because their relationship was beautiful, supportive and wonderful.

They aren't over they both are going to work on themselves and become better people and be happy with eachother with out the drama.

Who we talking about? Matlingsworth? If so I hope you’re right, anon. They’re the only thing I care about on this show!

And this is yet another time when the female character gets screwed over


If Clare and Drew had just made out we would all be sitting here screaming at Eli for being the world’s biggest douchebag.

But instead we are all fucking livid at Clare for sleeping with Drew.

I know I’m angry because that was the most OOC decision ever made on the show and I know most of you are too. It’s something the Clare we know and love just would not have done.

But it’s making me uncomfortable that Clare is receiving all the hate. I wish they had thought this storyline through - not only for what the characters would have done but how it would end up looking to their young, predominantly female fan base.


Matlingsworth giving each other roses (✿◡‿◡)

Matlingsworth being all cutesy (✿◡‿◡)

Matlingsworth kissing (✿◡‿◡)



Aislinnclairee — Gonna miss being at the @afterdegrassi studio for a while. #degrassimidseasonfinale


some clew shippers hating dallas for ruining clew’s moment by sending eli to them


So you’re telling me, Miles gets the shit beaten out of him by defending his girl friend after ZIg fucking BASHES her and Maya never finds out?  But when the fake gun thing happens(which is still terrible he did that)Maya witnesses that thus making Zig look like a fucking victim and then poke fun at Maya’s taste in guys as if Maya and Miles’ relationship didn’t mean a single fucking thing? And then is a-okay because Miles is unstable and bad but Zig is a fucking saint!!!!111

I’m gonna set everything on fire. Fuck you Degrassi. Fuck. You.