Just my two cents.


Just wanted to address this idea that “the writers have been hinting at Triles since 13A.”  

If Miles was clearly “trying to hide his underlying feelings for Tristan”: 

- Why would he be so adamant about Maya not finding out about what happened at the party, knowing that she would be upset with him and that it would ruin the chances of them reconciling?

- Why would he volunteer to help Maya get Zig out of the gang?

- Why would he volunteer to help Maya find a missing Zig at the western dance?

- Why would he dress in a ridiculous costume to hand out fliers on the sidewalk with Maya?

- Why would he volunteer to help Maya find the person who made the Facerange page?


Because the writers didn’t hint at Triles. Ship it to your heart’s content and there isn’t anything wrong with wanting them together, but it is forced and there was no build up. What happened in Thunderstruck really was fanservice, in my honest opinion. Once again, ship them all you want, but please don’t undermine Matlingsworth’s development in the process. Not saying that you even have to like the idea of Miles and Maya in a relationship, but he’s only had eyes for Maya this entire season. There were no stolen glances between Miles and Tristan. There was no subtext in dialogue that suggested that Miles was interested in pursuing a romantic relationship with Tristan (or any boy, for that matter). He’s head over heels for Maya. 

Evident here:




And here:


They have a relationship that’s built on substantial development spanning over the entire season. There have been multiple times where Miles has gone out of his way to help Maya because he loves her. There are two instances where he has put aside his own feelings towards Zig and he volunteered to help her through her Zig drama, despite what happened between the two boys. Why? Because he loves her. He wouldn’t have been so desperate to keep her from leaving him in Believe (2), if he’s been “hiding feelings for Tristan since Paris.” 

Anonymous asked:

when it comes to maya, its unresolved. idk whats next for them but what i do know is that there's things left to be resolved and its very open ended. i really don't think they're a great fit personally but i think its possible they could become close friends and confidents because it seems like miles needs her he bonded with her he once loved her those feelings dont exactly just disappear. enjoy the message have a good day :)

I see your point but just because you don’t think they fit doesn’t mean they are a bad fit. They were together quite awhile and had romantic feelings for quite some time before they got together so. 

Anonymous asked:

time because at the heart i think maya needs to work on herself, and miles has an even bigger issue - he felt as though he needed maya to be there and she left him when he needed her the most. its no secret maya is super flawed but i forget where i was going with this. i just feel like he made a lot of mistakes and that season 14 will likely go into that more extensively. people shouldn't hate on you. i didn't know matlingsworth had shippers period. please don't take offense to this message. --

Matlingsworth was a ship on the show so of course there would be some people supporting it even if it’s not the majority. Not everyone has their heads up Triles and Zaya’s asses. 

But the rest of your message was fine. Everything you said is kind of what I agree with. Miles is too unstable to be in any type of romantic relationship right now which is why I don’t get these fucking Triles shippers that are going gaga when everyone fucking knows how Miles is right now. And as we saw in the promo Miles is going to get worse and some of these Triles shippers don’t even care about Miles. 

I love matlingsworth and probably always will, and I want them to get back together one day but now is not the time. They both need to work on themselves but it seems Maya might be there for him in season 14.