Anonymous asked:

When was maya screaming at miles jumping off the balcony what?

In the season 14 promo. He’s about to fall off the balcony like Cam did and you see Maya at the bottom and she screams “Miles no!”



There’s no way the writers are stupid enough to kill off Cam and then his successor. That’s just way too excessive. I’m thinking Miles will attempt suicide, but unlike Campbell, he won’t actually die and then from thereon, he will seek recovery. It will be an alternative retelling of Campbell’s plot. I’m also thinking this Triles bullshit is a plot device to move this all forward as well. Miles using Tristan while in this unhinged mental state is exactly reminiscent of the Imogeli debacle of season 11.

I completely agree. Miles is very unstable right now and is trying to derail his problems by being with Tristan.The whole feel of Triles seemed off in that promo, especially when he kissed Tristan in front of the school, it seemed flashy like he was making a statement or rebelling. To cause shock if anything. As bad as it may sound I’m so glad they’re going down this route and continuing with Miles’ mental issues because I almost lost faith and thought the writers were actually going to sell this Triles bullshit and make Miles mentally better.